About Us

Since 1940, Covenant Park has been serving youth, families, and church groups on Park Lake in Mahtowa, MN. We are conveniently located just 30 miles south of the Duluth Superior area. Offering summer youth camps, retreats, and rental facilities, the Covenant Park experience provides opportunities for people to encounter Christ, and grow in their relationship with Him. Adventure, relationships, and recreation are core elements of our programs, creating an atmosphere of exploration and relaxation.

Our Mission

Covenant Park seeks to be a place “where friend meets friend and both meet God”. Our aim is to strengthen love for Christ, self, and each other through positive relationships, experiences, and memories.

As an extension of the Evangelical Covenant Church, we reflect the beliefs and affirmations held by the covenant denomination. To learn more about the Covenant's beliefs click the link below.

Year Round Staff

Kaela Strom - Director

I have been on summer staff since 2012. In 2014, I graduated from Crown College with a degree in Discipleship Ministry.

Finley - Camp Dog

This will be my second full summer at camp. I love playing with the kids, fetching frisbees, and swimming my daily laps in the lake.

Tim Hafvenstein - Maintenance Director

Tim joined Covenant Park staff as Maintenance Director in the summer of 2013. He has been involved in Christian camp ministry throughout his life having worked at numerous camps in varying roles.

Sheila Butterfield - Office Manager

Sheila has served at camp since 2012. Sheila has a love for Children, Youth, Families, Camp Ministry and a love for the Lord.

Tyler Ames-Assistant Director

Hey I am Tyler! I graduated from Bethel University last year.

Summer Staff 2018

Bruce Linde - SR. Program Director

I am a freshman and am studying Psychology at Liberty University. I have been at camp for 6 years now, volunteered 1 year and this will be my third year on staff!. I love everything about camp, but I'd say my favorite thing is getting to meet and get to know all the new faces every week or Leonards cooking, its a toss-up I guess! I'm super excited about this summer because I know God is going to work in amazing ways and I cant wait to be apart of that!

Leonard Armstrong - Head Cook

Leonard has continued to bless us with his amazing and abundant cooking for 5 seasons! His biscuits and gravy and wealth of knowledge on pretty much any subject due to his love for reading make him legendary in the camp circle!

Emma Koski- Counselor and Lifeguard

I am currently a sophomore at the University Of Wisconsin Superior where I study in Elementary Education and minor in Early Childhood. I am excited to be back counseling and seeing how God has worked in each camper. My favorite part of camp is seeing everyone worshiping during chapel, and seeing how much each camper has grown throughout the years of coming or just the week they were there.

Breana Lacambra- JR. Program Director

I’m a personal care assistant at a foster care home and currently in between schooling for my psychology degree. I’m most excited to partner with God in my third summer out at camp and continue building on the relationships with campers, staff, and volunteers who will be joining us for another amazing summer. One of my favorite memories from camp would have to be a time when my campers put on a talent show all by themselves, confidently taking the stage by storm. It’s great to see how comfortable everyone feels when they’re out at camp— comfortable to be exactly who they are.

Jon Morley- Counselor and Lifeguard

My name is Jon Morley. I am currently studying for a Liberal Arts and Science major at Lake Superior College. Along side of my college life, I am working part time as a Life Skills Assistant with the Covenant Enabling Residence of Minnesota. The CER of MN is an assistant living company, helping adults with everyday living skills.
     I will be coming into my second official year on staff with Covenant Park, with three other years of volunteering, for all of those years I took up the role of camp counselor. From year to year I continued to strengthen relationships with old campers and build new relationships with newer ones. I'm excited to take up the role once again, for the opportunity to continue building those relationships and leading these kids to Christ. Besides all of the countless memories, dodge ball games, and U-Turn nights, my favorite thing about Covenant Park are the picture perfect sunsets over the lake. No matter what the weather happened to be like during the day, God cleared the sky for a magnificently unique, once in a life time sunset.    

Theresa Birkedahl- Director of Staff Care and Dishcrew Coordinator

I'm Theresa, I have a BFA in painting, and I'm really excited to be in charge of staff care, because I think it's important to be filled spiritually to pour out onto others. My favorite part about camp is being in a community of believers who encourage and help each other grow. I'm blessed to be a part of it again!

Josiah Eide- Counselor and Lifeguard

My name is Josiah Eide. I am from Rochester, MN. I am finishing my senior year of high school and will also be graduating from community college with a diploma in personal training. I plan to continue my education in sports medicine after I take a gap year and travel. My big passions in life have always been my faith, the outdoors, and sports. I love sharing these passions with people especially kids. I am also looking forward to getting to know the campers and helping them grow in their faith though their camp experience. I have always liked night games, but my favorite memory was definitely the first time I tried sailing and ended up stranded in the middle of the lake with an upside-down sail boat.

Emily Erickson- Kitchen Assistant

I’m Emily Erickson. This year I will be graduating from Duluth East High School and next year I will be at Lake Superior College. Covenant Park has been like a home to me since I was little. I have absolutely loved being a camper and a volunteer and am so excited to be on staff. I would say one of my favorite memories as a camper was during the first chapel of the week. Just getting that amazing feeling that comes with the silliness, excitement and love of God that surrounds you. One of the reasons I chose to apply for kitchen staff specifically is because I really enjoy getting to see and interact with every camper every day when serving meals. Can’t wait for summer to start!