About Us

Since 1940, Covenant Park has been serving youth, families, and church groups on Park Lake in Mahtowa, MN. We are conveniently located just 30 miles south of the Duluth Superior area. Offering summer youth camps, retreats, and rental facilities, the Covenant Park experience provides opportunities for people to encounter Christ, and grow in their relationship with Him. Adventure, relationships, and recreation are core elements of our programs, creating an atmosphere of exploration and relaxation.

Our Mission

Covenant Park seeks to be a place “where friend meets friend and both meet God”. Our aim is to strengthen love for Christ, self, and each other through positive relationships, experiences, and memories.

As an extension of the Evangelical Covenant Church, we reflect the beliefs and affirmations held by the covenant denomination. To learn more about the Covenant's beliefs click the link below.

Year Round Staff

Kaela Stano - Director

I was on summer staff 2012-2015. In 2014, I graduated from Crown College with a degree in Discipleship Ministry. Now I enjoy serving as the director, and watching God move in new ways as each season brings new opportunities and challenges for him to reveal his plan and blessings!

I grew up in the Duluth area, and attend Lakeview Covenant Church. Covenant Park has found a special place in my heart during the last seven summers, and I love serving on year round staff.

My favorite part about camp is getting to see the pure and awesome work of God in the lives of everyone around camp and in my own life too. Something unique happens when we take time to get away and just be with God. His transforming work is so obvious at camp. Seeing the joy and freedom that comes to each life as they surrender to Christ, and hurdle new heights in their faith is so special!

Leonard Armstrong - Head Cook

Leonard has continued to bless us with his amazing and abundant cooking for 6 seasons! His biscuits and gravy and wealth of knowledge on pretty much any subject due to his love for reading make him legendary in the camp circle!

Dane Strom - Program Director

I've been working at camp as summer staff since 2016. I've had the privilege of seeing God work through camp in many ways and as I step into the role of Program Director I'm super excited to be a bigger part of what he's doing and the direction he's leading camp.

My favorite thing about camp is watching people grow. Whether it's staff and volunteers over the course of a summer of seeing kids come back to camp year after year shows the value and impact that camp has on people's lives.

I attend church at Hope City in Duluth and when I'm not at camp I work at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge.

Julie Guenard-Bookkeeper

I grew up in Willow River, MN where my childhood memories consist primarily of working in the garden with my Dad and swimming with my Mom, brother and sister.

Though God was always a member of our family, it wasn’t until after high school and just prior to graduating from UW-Superior, that my relationship with God truly flourished for the first time as He became more of a priority. I began to see the real me that God had intended, and the joy in living out that purpose whether it be gardening or cooking, reading or simply spending time with loved ones. 

Soon afterwards, I met and married my patient and loving husband, Kevin. We moved to the Twin Cities for 11 years, and then, through divine intervention, we moved back to the Twin Ports almost three years ago. 

Kevin and I were invited into the Lakeview Covenant congregation through newly-formed friendships, and this is how I came to be a part of the Covenant Park Bible Camp. I am most looking forward to seeing how God will use all of us at camp and in the relationships that are formed. I love to pray for His blessings and guidance in the lives of others and myself and then see how such a tapestry of events unfolds as to reaffirm our faith.

Tim Hafvenstein - Maintenance Director

Tim joined Covenant Park staff as Maintenance Director in the summer of 2013. He has been involved in Christian camp ministry throughout his life having worked at numerous camps in varying roles.

He also has a teaching degree in Industrial Technology Education. During the school year, when not working at camp, he is a substitute teacher in local school districts within Carlton County.

Tim grew up in a Christian family but didn’t receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior until his early teens. He has been involved in various ministries throughout his life.

Tim moved to the Cloquet area in 1996 and lives just down the road from the Big Lake Covenant Church. He and his wife Cindy have been married for 34 years and have three children, two of whom are married. He loves building and fixing things and enjoys working on anything that has a gas engine, especially cars and his 76 Ford F-250.

While not working directly with the campers, Tim sees his role of maintaining the buildings and grounds as crucial to the success of the camp experience. He believes the less the staff has to concern themselves with, the more time and energy they can spend ministering to the spiritual needs of the campers.

Emily Johnson-Adminstrative Assistant and Guest Group Coordinator

Hi! I'm Emily Johnson. I've been working out at camp for a few years during the summer and I am very excited to be transitioning to year round staff! CPBC has always held a very special place in my heart so I am glad to be able to contribute to its continuing ministry and see where God moves this year!

Summer Staff 2022-More Coming Soon!

Skyla Thompson-Ropes Director

Hey Everyone 🙂 I'm Skyla, I'll be the ropes director this summer, and I am beyond excited to get to spend my summer outdoors and encouraging kids to climb to new heights, whether that be up the climbing wall and/or in their relationship with Christ! In my free time I love to be outdoors looking for a new adventure! There is something about being submerged in God's creation that brings me so much joy 🙂

Isaiah Manninen-Counselor

Hi there! My name’s Isaiah Manninen and I came  to Covenant Park when I was 8 years old for the first time and loved it, I immediately wanted to be a counselor one day. Now, over a decade later, I get to make that dream a reality by becoming a counselor, and I could not be more excited! I’m a long distance runner, I love rock climbing and frisbee (both frisbee golf and ultimate), I play drums and piano, and I’m a total fun-loving goofball. Making kids smile and laugh makes me smile and laugh too, so I’m incredibly excited to spend the summer getting to do that exact thing as my job!

Grace Rubin-Counselor

Hi! My name is Grace Rubin and I'm so excited to be a part of CPBC staff as a counselor this summer! I love swimming, music, iced coffee, and all things Jesus 🙂 This is my first summer working out at camp but I've been a camper for years and have had experience volunteering at other camps as well. I've always loved camp, and am very blessed to be able to serve in this position. I am beyond pumped to spread the love of the Lord to others this summer!

Justin Orme-Worship Director and Media Specialist

I have been playing music for about 11 years, I have been blessed to play in multiple groups and in other countries. I have also been blessed to be a freelance photographer/videographer/editor for the last couple of years. I hope to use the talents and skills God has given me to help kids have fun and experience God while also capturing those moments. I am the fourth generation in my family to work at CPBC. I am an old soul who loves hymns, sitting in my rocking chair, listening to records, drinking hot tea, and paying $0.27 per gallon for gas.

Aurora Salzer-Part time Belay Staff

Hello, My name is Aurora Salzer, I am so excited to be spending time and getting to know you guys throughout the summer. This will be my 5th year out at camp in one way or another and my second year on staff. Last year I was able to take on a full season role on program staff but this year I will be helping when I can as a belayer helping all to be able to enjoy the climbing wall and zipline. Can't wait to see you guys out there!

Evan Larson-Counselor

Hello everyone! My name is Evan, and I'm very much looking forward to spending a second Summer being a part of Covenant Park's staff! I'm definitely hoping to see at least a few old faces from last year as well as plenty of new faces I can get to know throughout each week. When I wasn't working out at Camp during this past school year, I was working as a Personal Care Assistant for adults with mental and physical disabilities. Covenant Park has been a major part of my life since quite literally the very beginning of it. My parents brought me to Family Camps as a baby, I grew up going to the "normal weeks" (Kiddie, Mini, Trailblazer, Jr. High, Sr. High) every Summer, and I've been volunteering ever since I was old enough up until I made the jump to Staff last Summer. I plan to use this experience to give each and every camper an incredible week by always being energetic and involved no matter what. Looking forward to seeing you out at Camp!

Maggie Rother-Waterfront Director

Hey ya'all! My name is Maggie, and I have the honor of serving Jesus as the Waterfront Director this summer! I am super excited to see all the ways that the waterfront can help kids and young adults come to know Christ! I love the water! So when Kaela offered to have me lifeguard certified last summer I jumped at the opportunity! Before becoming a lifeguard I was on a swim team for 8 years and grew up pretending to be a mermaid in my bath tub! (so in other words I got this!) This is my second year on staff, before that I volunteered for 3 years, and was a camper for about 8 years! Getting to see the ways in which the campers, volunteers, and staff grow closer to Jesus throughout the summer is truly awe inspiring, and is truly a testament to how much God is moving through camp! I am so blessed and so honored to have the opportunity to keep kids safe, and help them come to know Jesus this summer on and off the waterfront!

Noah Salzer-Maintenance Assistant

Hey all! My name is Noah Salzer, and I am honored to serve at Covenant Park this summer as their Maintenance Assistant! At the time of writing this, I am finishing high school and will be completing my AA degree from Lake Superior College by this summer!! I have been a camper at Covenant Park since I can remember, and I have been a volunteer since 2019. This will be my second summer on staff as well! I look forward to improving the way that the campground runs and for bringing all that I have to serve Christ this summer. See you at camp!

Sam Van Loon-Counselor

Hi everyone! My name is Sam, and I’m so excited to be a part of Covenant Park this summer as Counselor this summer! I have been attending Covenant Park as a camper for as long as I can remember, and I also has the privilege of serving as a volunteer in 2021. Some of my hobbies include piano, guitar, hockey, and downhill skiing. I love being outside, especially at camp. Camp has had an enormous impact on my life. The games, worship, and amazing people all make Covenant Park the highlight of my summer. I’m excited to be involved this year, and I look forward to seeing everyone grow in their faith!

JD Johnston-Lifeguard

I’m Jd. Currently I am a mechanic for Duluth Contractors Contractors (DCC) for short. In my spare time I love to fish hangout with friends and ride my motorcycle.

Scarlett Austreng-Kitchen Assistant

Hey everyone! My name is Scarlett Austreng, and I am beyond excited to serve Covenant Park as Kitchen Assistant this year. This is my second year at Covenant Park; I spent 2021 as a volunteer and a camper, and this is my first year on staff! When coming to camp, I was immediately drawn to the devotion and involvement that the staff showed in their faith and their work. I looked up to them all summer, and I feel so blessed to be in that position this year. I am looking forward to being involved in camp and growing with my fellow staff members as brothers and sisters in Christ!

Jordan Van Loon-Counselor

Hi Y'all! My name is Jordan, I am 19 years old and I have been a Christian as long as I can remember. I am super excited to be working at Covenant Park this year. I have been coming here the last couple years as a camper and, since I just graduated high school, this will be my last year as a camper. So, in addition to being a counselor I will be attending the senior high camp. I am a leader in my youth group and I plan to be a volunteer there next year. I love the
atmosphere here at camp and I hope and believe that I can help to bring people to Jesus!

Abileen Erwin-Counselor

Hi! My name is Abileen Erwin, and I'm so pumped to follow my calling from the Lord to be a counselor this summer!  Some things I love are playing piano, long drives listening to worship music, and I'm a competitive dancer. I’ve been a camper here  for 11 years, and have also volunteered for two years. Camp has helped me take steps in my faith journey, and I love being here because there is never a day that the Lord’s presence isn’t known. I can’t wait to have a part in his will this summer!