About Us

Since 1940, Covenant Park has been serving youth, families, and church groups on Park Lake in Mahtowa, MN. We are conveniently located just 30 miles south of the Duluth Superior area. Offering summer youth camps, retreats, and rental facilities, the Covenant Park experience provides opportunities for people to encounter Christ, and grow in their relationship with Him. Adventure, relationships, and recreation are core elements of our programs, creating an atmosphere of exploration and relaxation.

Our Mission

Covenant Park seeks to be a place “where friend meets friend and both meet God”. Our aim is to strengthen love for Christ, self, and each other through positive relationships, experiences, and memories.

As an extension of the Evangelical Covenant Church, we reflect the beliefs and affirmations held by the covenant denomination. To learn more about the Covenant's beliefs click the link below.

Year Round Staff

Kaela Stano - Director

I was on summer staff 2012-2015. In 2014, I graduated from Crown College with a degree in Discipleship Ministry. Now I enjoy serving as the director, and watching God move in new ways as each season brings new opportunities and challenges for him to reveal his plan and blessings!

Leonard Armstrong - Head Cook

Leonard has continued to bless us with his amazing and abundant cooking for 6 seasons! His biscuits and gravy and wealth of knowledge on pretty much any subject due to his love for reading make him legendary in the camp circle!

Tim Hafvenstein - Maintenance Director

Tim joined Covenant Park staff as Maintenance Director in the summer of 2013. He has been involved in Christian camp ministry throughout his life having worked at numerous camps in varying roles.

Julie Guenard-Bookkeeper

I grew up in Willow River, MN where my childhood memories consist primarily of working in the garden with my Dad and swimming with my Mom, brother and sister. 

Summer Staff 2021

Emily Erickson- Office Assistant

Hi! I’m Emily Erickson, although by the time camp begins I will be Emily Johnson!

I have gone to camp since I was very little so I have quite a few spots at camp I love but I’d say my favorite spot is at the end of the dock. It’s so peaceful and calm and an amazing place to see the sunset. My favorite camp song is The duck song! It’s so up beat and exciting and tells of how Jesus is in control and created everything. My favorite camp activity would have to be the campfire! I love seeing all the kids and staff talking, singing and laughing together. Lastly my favorite camp meal... Leonard makes some great mashed potatoes with gravy! I could eat it all day!

Clay Armstrong-Counselor

Hi Guys! My name is Clay Armstrong! You’ll usually find me at a coffee shop digging into a good book or playing an instrument of some sort. I’m super excited to share this summer with all of you and to see you grow on your walk with Jesus! My favorite spot at camp is the bench swing on top of the hill at lower field, I like to go there and hunker down while observing the beautiful view! My favorite camp song has got to be Pharaoh-Pharaoh! My favorite camp activity is definitely ultimate frisbee! I’m not the best at it but I have so much fun! And my favorite camp meal is definitely Leonard’s Swedish pancakes(They are almost as Swedish as I am!)! I am looking forward to seeing each and every one of you this summer!

Finley-Camp Dog

This will be my 5th summer on staff. I enjoy living at camp year round, running with the 4-wheeler and snowmobile, swimming, sleeping and lots of attention from all the staff.

Caleb Rother-Media Specialist

Hey all! I’m Caleb, a sophomore over at UMD studying in Computer Science. I’m excited to be out at camp editing videos and helping save memories for you guys and gals! I’d have to say that my favorite spot at camp is a little picnic bench on the trail up to North and The Bunkhouse that makes a great spot for spending TAG time and focusing on God. As for music, Lions has always spoke to me as a message to hold fast as Jesus has you even at the most dangerous time. I love both ultimate and capture the cones, and can’t decide which is my favorite camp activity, but I do have to say that my favorite meal is Leonard’s sausage pizza! I’m happy to be back at camp and looking forward to seeing all of you after the break!

Noah Salzer-Worship Director and Maintenance Assistant

Hey all! My name is Noah Salzer and I am a full time college student at LSC getting my AA degree. I am super excited for my Worship Director and Maintenance Assistant position because I get the privilege to lead campers to Christ during worship, and I get to make camp a safe, fun and awesome place for campers and visitors! My favorite spot at camp is the chapel because I feel that is a place where Christ shows up the most. My favorite camp song is probably Fuja, or Death Was Arrested. My favorite camp activity is probably the night games or mealtime. And speaking of mealtime, my favorite camp meal is Leonard’s pizza.

Looking forward to seeing what God does this summer!

Skyla Thompson-Counselor

Hi! My name is Skyla Thomson. I have been going to camp since I was little, and have accumulated many many memories at camp! My favorite spot at camp would have to be either the fishing dock (during sunset) or upper field! Upper field is my favorite due to the super competitive play that happens:) If I had to pick a favorite camp song it would have to be Mercy tree, when singing this song I can feel the Lord working in children and adults all around and it’s truly inspiring. And last but not least, my favorite camp meal is cinnamon rolls on Friday mornings!