Investing in lives transformed "where friend meets friend and both meet God".


There are multiple ways to give to CPBC. If you would like more information, please contact Kaela:

Lakeside Lodge

Donate to the Lakeside Lodge project

We have replaced cabins 7 and 8 and are moving on to the next step to complete 2 more cabin rooms, a common area, bathrooms and a winterized kitchen all in one building.  This will replace the existing Lakeside cabins 5,6,7,8 and the old shower house. The building will be winterized and will upgrade this side of camp to be able to better accommodate our campers and guests, especially adult groups and fall retreats. It will also allow us to better serve multiple groups at one time with separate kitchen and meeting spaces. Your donation will help to bring this upgrade to full completion (demolition of old buildings and site prep, upgrade the septic to accommodate the upgrades, construction of structure, furnishing and finishing of the building interior and equipment, and landscaping to make this area accessible and enjoyable.

Currently, the building is sided and we are working to finish the interior with paint, trim and flooring. The next stage will include finishing the kitchen, intalling anc connecting to water and sewer systems, installing the fireplace landscaping and furnishing the building. You can stay up to date on progress through our facebook page and monthly e-newsletter (sign up below).

Why is this important? We believe that this is a critical step at just the right timing. The mission of camp is to lead people to Christ and become lifelong followers of him. We believe that this project is where God is leading us in order to continue to have the space to do that well. It also opens the door for ministry expansion, a key piece in sustainable ministry for CPBC.

Thanks to a generous matching gift, up to $170,000 of donations towards the Lakeside Lodge will be doubled. We are overwhelmed by the genrousity of so many giving toward the completion of this project. We hope you'll consider partnering with us in this movement to enhance the space for "friend to meet friend and both to meet God."

BUY A BRICK! Our next step is to take down the old bathhouse so we can update and transfer the water and sewer to the new building. Let's take it down brick by brick. Your donation of $4.50 disposes of 1 brick. We have 1000 bricks "in stock". Help us haul away each one and donate today! Use the donate button below or send your check to CPBC with "Buy a Brick" in the memo.

3402 Covenant Park Rd 

Mahtowa, MN 55707

Thanks for your donation!

We are also looking for skilled volunteer labor to help complete the project, please contact for more details.

Project 365

Project 365 is a way for you join in the preservation and development of camp’s grounds and buildings for the present and future generations to enjoy! Camp is involved in ministry year round. From planning program, to hosting groups and retreats, to holding fundraisers and events, to running summer youth camps, and more, something is always going on! Project 365 gives you the opportunity to invest in and support each of those days. By joining team project 365, you support camp with a dollar a day (or the amount of your choice). You also pick a day to specifically uplift camp in prayer.

Project List (in no specific order):

Lakeside Lodge completed

Adding fall/winter/spring activity options

The Lodge winterization/Onsite Staff Housing

Update waterfront equipment

Fill in ball field to level out

Develop low and high ropes courses

Craft hall and indoor rec space

Dining Hall Updated

Chapel Updates

North House updates

Parking lot completed

Continue to eliminate deferred maintenance projects on buildings, grounds and equipment

Wish List

These are needed items that could be new or used:

  • Zero-turn radius lawn mower
  • Speedboat or jetski (We would like to add water sports to our program)
  • Commercial microwave for dining hall
  • ATV or 4-wheeler or golf cart
  • Propane generator system to power the dining hall
  • Drum Set
  • Skidsteer
  • Commercial Espresso Machine
  • Projector for Chapel
  • Gas stove (residential) in new or like new condition for North House kitchen
  • Front Loading Washer and Electric Dryer in new or good condition for the North House. Fairly large capacity preferred.

Below are items that we would like to purchase, you may donate toward any item through paypal.

Lakeside Lodge Cabins: Sleeps 13-14, heated and AC

Wooden Bunk Beds

We would like to begin replacing the metal cot style beds with wooden bunks. This will provide greater level of comfort for our adult and retreat guests and allow us to better serve in this area of our ministry.


Needed: $10,500

Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 12.34.41 PM


We would like to upgrade our mattresses to a thicker, slightly larger model for added comfort.


Needed: $11,000



We enjoy playing rainy day gym games in the chapel and dining hall with these fun things! $110

Annotation 2020-03-20 113439

Chapel Projector

We have upgraded our chapel set up to include 2 additional projector screens for better viewing of the front from all seats. We need 1 more projector to finish the set up.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 12.29.56 PM

Throwable Microphone

This will allow engagement between staff/speakers and campers to be more active and engaging!




Scripture is a key part of our programming at Covenant Park. Our goal is to give campers tools to study and learn how to apply the Bible to their Everyday lives. We provide campers that don't have a Bible of their own with a brand new Bible appropriate for their age and reading level.