Why I Love Being On Camp Staff

"I love being on camp staff because if gives you a better understanding of childlike faith. In the midst of the chaos of things that need to get done, you find the joy in the simplicity of camper questions. You find joy in the collaboration and encouragement of your teammates. You cherish the sweet moments where you're able to pray and speak life to your campers. Even through the rough moments you push on and rejoice because being used as an instrument for God's Kingdom is a great honor." -Breana

Why I Love Being On Camp Staff

"I love being on camp staff because we all become family!! Some of the most loving, caring, fun and honestly crazy people I know! So thankful for my fellow staffers!" -Bruce

Why I Love Being On Camp Staff

"Camp is such an beautiful place and God is so very present! Being on staff is such an amazing experience because you get to see God work through yourself, the rest of the staff and the campers. It is a place to come together as one body, uplift each other and praise God! I can't think of any other place I would want to spend the summer!" -Addie

Why I Love Being On Camp Staff

"You get to spend the whole summer with people that love God just as much as you do! I love seeing the love all of the campers have for learning about God and just having fun in a great place...the friends you make at camp are the friends you'll have for life." -Emma, Counselor

Summer Staff 2020 Application


So you're considering being a volunteer...

We are so glad you are considering being a volunteer. If you are an adult, please contact camp. We would love to talk with you about all the opportunities that are open for a day, a week or more.

If you are a high school student…keep reading! Below is some more information about being a volunteer. We encourage you to pray about your summer and the opportunity to volunteer out at camp for a week or more.

To be a volunteer you will need to fill out the application above. Then, send it into camp. We will contact you to confirm the weeks that you will be needed. Then get ready for an awesome time to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with Christ, and be a part of helping kids discover Christ too!

Work Projects

Upkeep and Development of Grounds, Buildings and Equipment

There is never a shortage of projects in need of completion at camp! We have been blessed with an awesome place to rest and enjoy God and each other! We want this place to be enjoyed for many years into the future, so it takes many hands to care for it. If you would like to help with this, below are some options for helping with upkeep and development of camp’s grounds, buildings and equipment.

  • Spring Work Day days- May 2 & 23, 2020! 9am-3pm. Lunch Provided. We will work on getting camp cleaned up and ready for the summer season.

Schedule a time for you or your family, church or group to tackle a specific project. These projects could range in high skill or very little skill needed. Below is a list of needs. If you would like to help with one of these. Please contact kaela@covenantpark.org.
Siding the Lakeside Lodge (Spring 2020)
Painting Lakeside Lodge interior (Spring 2020)
Reroofing the Chapel
Laying tile (showers and flooring) and vinyl plank flooring in Lakeside Lodge (Spring 2020)
Sealing Dining Hall Floor


Go to covenantpark.org/give to learn more about being involved in the Lakeside Lodge Project!